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No Churn Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Recipe

I first tried Hokey Pokey ice cream on a school trip to New Zealand. We stopped for a break in a little town and a bunch of us went into the local ice creamery for a treat. I asked if there were any unique local NZ flavors and the lady behind the counter said ‘Hokey… Read More »

No Machine Popcorn Ice Cream Recipe

When I came across this recipe I thought it was likely that it would turn out to be another novelty flavor that might be edible but probably wouldn’t be that great and/or it wouldn’t taste anything like popcorn. Boy was I wrong! This ice cream is delicious and it tastes exactly like popcorn (you’re welcome).… Read More »

No Machine Rocky Road Ice Cream

This is a super simple recipe for an old favorite – rocky road! It’s a ‘no machine’ (or ‘no churn’) recipe which means you can make it without an ice cream machine. I like rocky road but its not one of my favorites so this was great and well received but I won’t be in… Read More »

No Machine Choc Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe

This no machine (No Churn) chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream recipe will bring you back to your childhood where waiting for the cookies to be finished cooking was just too much so jumping in and eating the dough was the only thing that made sense! The cookie dough recipe has been responsibly adjusted to… Read More »

No Machine Maple Bacon Ice Cream Recipe

Maple and bacon is a classic flavor pairing of sweet and savory so its inevitable that someone would turn it into an ice cream flavor. It also plays into ‘novelty flavor’ desire that many of us foodies have as bacon is a meat and meat doesn’t seem like it would really go well in ice… Read More »

No Churn Macadamia Ice Cream with Caramel Swirl

I like macadamias but I’m more partial to cashews. Mum on the other hand loves macadamia nuts so this recipe was something for her. For some reason (probably need more practice) I couldn’t get the caramel to swirl and it ended up getting mostly mixed in. The flavor was still good but presentation wasn’t as… Read More »

No Machine Citrus Orange Ice Cream Recipe

This is one of my favorite ice cream flavors and has been very well received by everyone I’ve given it to over multiple batches. There’s something about the sharp citrus flavor that hits the taste buds and leaves you wanting more. This is a no churn recipe that doesn’t need a machine and is pretty… Read More »

No Churn Espresso Chip Ice Cream

I have a funny relationship with coffee as I must admit that I like the taste, as was obvious when I started hoeing into this delicious no churn ice cream, but I don’t drink it normally so I’m able to act superior when people confess being slaves to their morning coffee (all in good fun… Read More »

Sea Salt, Honey and Dark Chocolate Chunk

This recipe has an interesting mix of flavors which is what drew my to it in the first place. However, for me it didn’t really work. The honey and sea salt were ok but not that great and the recipe wasn’t clear on the sizes of the chocolate chunks and mine ended up being too… Read More »

No Churn Cinnamon Ice Cream Recipe

This is probably the simplest ice cream recipe I’ve made and yet its one of my absolute favorites and I’ve made several batches over time. In the image below you’ll see the cinnamon ice cream at the front and some coffee ice cream in the back (the post about that will be coming in a… Read More »