Apple Pie Ice Cream Recipe

By | January 11, 2018

This was one of those flavors where I was intrigued about whether you could actually make an ice cream that tasted like apple pie or is it just a name with a vague association to the flavors. On this occasion I was pleasantly surprised as the result tastes remarkably similar to apple pie and is also delicious.

To be fair, I had reason to be confident as this recipe is from the famous Max Falkowitz of Serious Eats fame (although apparently he's recently left to become a freelancer). 

Recipe here:

Serious eats

Don't have an ice cream machine or looking to upgrade?

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My Notes on this Recipe

  • I categorise this as a 'single complex flavor' in my ice cream flavor index
  • I used 'pink lady' apples and the seemed to work fine
  • As I was cooking the apples I wondered whether I should have peeled them first. The recipe didn't mention anything about this and they turned out fine, although took somewhat longer to cook than the recipe indicated so not sure if the skins had anything to do with that
  • I couldn't figure out what the equivalent of 'tea biscuits' are in Australia and online sources disputed the claim from Max that they are the same as British digestive biscuits. I ended up buying 'Granita' and 'Marie' biscuits, both from Arnott's, and trying each before deciding to use Granitas. I think they worked quite well although perhaps a little wheatier than a pie crust would be
  • I added the chopped biscuits to the machine in the last few minutes of churning to mix rather than mixing after as the recipe directs and that worked fine