I’ve always loved food and coming from a family of six, I became pretty good at shovelling it in as fast as possible so I could get seconds before my siblings. As I got older I noticed this behavior had an adverse effect on my waistline so I changed my ways, slowed down to a moderate pace and noticed that I actually started to enjoy food so much more. As the enjoyment level rose, I become interested in cooking and making food for friends and family. There’s nothing like putting in the time and effort to create a nice dish or dessert for a group of friends and family and feeling the appreciation and enjoyment when they polish it off.

At some point I got into homemade ice cream and it became my new passion. Everybody loves ice cream, including me, so it wasn’t hard to find people to sample my creations and their encouragement pushed me to take this hobby further. Once you start getting into it, you realize that there are many ice cream variations, different techniques and endless flavors. I was inspired to create an ice cream flavor index to try and capture all those variations (its pretty comprehensive but I still find new flavors all the time that I need to add).

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Nick Morris

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