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Best Ice Cream Makers for 2018

Those among us with a sweet tooth will be familiar with a regular craving for ice cream, regardless of the season, but as summer sets in its compounded by the climate and joined with those of friends, family and colleagues. Ice cream is the undisputed king of desserts with the cold, creamy, fluffy, sweet goodness… Read More »

The Science of Ice Cream

Apart from being a delicious dessert which can cool us down on a hot summer’s day and satisfy our sweet desires, ice cream is also a fascinating food to examine scientifically. Ice Cream is both an emulsion of fat and water and a partially frozen foam with pockets of air a tenth of a millimeter… Read More »

No Churn Lemongrass Ice Cream Recipe

There’s something about the lemongrass flavor that I really enjoy. It’s used extensively in South East Asian cooking which makes it particularly appropriate that I made this on a trip to Thailand. Lemongrass in a savory dish is one thing but combined with sugar its amazing! You have to like lemongrass to enjoy this flavor… Read More »

Keto Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Recipe

I made this for my family as no less than three family members were doing the keto diet at the time and I was basically torturing them each week with my regular ice cream batches and photos. The Keto diet is very restrictive on carbs so that rules out any normal ice cream recipe that… Read More »

No Churn Tamarind Ice Cream Recipe

I conceived of this recipe while on a trip to Thailand where tamarind is a common ingredient in dishes and you also see candied/sugared tamarind snacks in 7/11. Tamarind has quite a sour flavor so I thought it would make an interesting combination with the sweetness of ice cream and, I must confess, I was… Read More »

No Churn Dragon Fruit Ice Cream Recipe

‘Dragon Fruit’ is an interesting looking fruit with a good but subtle flavor. They’re commonly found in South East Asia and that’s where I first came across them but they’re actually from Mexico originally (officially named ‘Pitaya’). There’s two main types, one with white flesh and one with pink or red. The skin of both… Read More »

No Churn Coconut and Granola Ice Cream Recipe

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of healthy (or not so healthy) granola in the morning to get your day off to a good start? I know I do but I have a sensitivity to lactose so that generally rules out milk (although ice cream isn’t as bad). I often have mine with yoghurt which… Read More »

No Churn Pandan Leaf Ice Cream Recipe

Pandan leaves are used extensively as an ingredient in South East Asian cuisine, including Thailand where I was when I made this batch. They’re also used to make a tea which you might be given if you go to a traditional Thai massage shop, after your sessions is finished. My Thai friend gave me fresh… Read More »